Dessert Buffets

Dessert Buffets are a wonderful way to make your event memorable.

For delivery, there is a minimum order of $250. For pickup, there is a minimum order of $150.
Price includes set up, but DO NOT include display pieces (platters, stands, any signage, etc)

Generally, a buffet will consist of an assortment of 2-bite (takes 2 bites to eat) size items:

  • Miniature pastries like eclairs, Fresh fruit tarts, cannoli, mousse cups, cream puffs, lemon curd tarts, cake pops and more
  • Hand dipped sugar cookies in your choice of shape (upgrade available to special decoration requests such as monograms)
  • Miniature desserts like cupcakes and whoopie pies

    Almost all items are available Gluten free or vegan!

For ease of ordering, We have designed the following 3 size options:

  • 1) The small buffet: This is the perfect buffet for serving along with a cake or as a late-night addition while guests are dancing. Provides 1 1/2 pieces per guest of chef’s choice of at least 5 varieties of Miniature items
    $4. per person
  • 2) The standard buffet: A buffet for when you are not serving another dessert with your meal, it provides 2 1/2 pieces per person of at least 5 varieties of chef’s choice of Miniature items
    $6. per person
  • 3) The Large dessert buffet: This buffet is perfect for a dessert-only reception and provides 5 pieces per person of chef’s choice of at least 5 varieties of Miniature items
    $11. per person

*Again, These packages are priced with chef’s choice of items as listed. Substitutions or specific requests may change the prices*

We are happy to customize a dessert selection for your event – including a wide selection that can be made egg free, dairy free, gluten friendly, vegan, soy free and more – just contact us to talk.

If you would like to pick specific items instead of chefs choice, you may put together your own selection a la carte. Please contact us for menu with specific pricing

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