We are on a tight budget, how can we save money?

We want to help everyone enjoy a Hippie Chick wedding cake on their special day, and we can help you design a cake that not only is delicious and beautiful, but is in your budget (after all, we planned a wedding once too!)

There are many suggestions we can make to give you several price options. A common one is to have a smaller display cake and what we call “backup” cakes – cakes that the kitchen cuts and serves that are not as intricately decorated. The cakes look exactly the same when cut, your guests would never know they were not served out of the “display” cake. Back up cakes are $4. per slice.

We LOVE to barter Рdo you, or someone you can coerce, have a skill that you can offer in trade? A vacation home to let us use? A passion for thankless manual labor? We are always looking for something, give us a call and see what we can work out. (any person doing work on our property must be licensed and/or insured) Barters must be agreed on as an equal exchange by both parties, will require a signed contract addendum, and generally must be completed by the same time a final payment would be required Р2 weeks prior to the event.

Here are some of the things we are currently looking for:


  • Jetski trailer
  • Tile / installation
  • Re-pointing brick on chimney
  • resurfacing a gravel drive
  • Vacation rental home or timeshare
  • Disney Dollars
  • Gift cards
  • Wood floor refinishing
  • Carpentry – rough and/or ¬†finish
  • Water sport stuff – wakeboard, wake surfboard, inflatable SUP, small towables
  • mulch/landscaping
  • tree removal

Don’t let this list limit you, although we are not currently interested in photography, thanks!

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