I just want to get a small display cake, and will get the rest of my guests dessert somewhere else, is that OK?

As part of your contract, you agree to have no other dessert of any kind at an event where Hippie Chick Bakery cake and/or desserts are on display or being served.  This includes, but is not limited to; sheet cake, kitchen cake, grooms cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, pastries or cookies.
It is our policy to be the only supplier of desserts at your event. The only exception will be if it is not something that we produce (ie Italian cookies) In that case, we require you to ask us in advance and provide us information such as what items, where you will be purchasing them from, and contact info of the retailer, so that we may discuss it with your function site. This is due to several issues, from people erroneously thinking a sub-par dessert was something that we provided, to more important issues like allergen issues, licensing, and insurance. 

You understand that if there are cupcakes or cakes on the property Hippie Chick Bakery reserves the right to remove the cake order without any refund to you.  

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