Please check our availability calendars to see if we are available for your event. Use the drop-down menus to choose special occasion orders or weddings as well as the year, then click “go”.

For retail orders, we REQUIRE 2 WEEKS NOTICE. We can not accommodate orders with less notice. Thank you for understanding!

Please double check that your autofill has not answered the questions incorrectly.
We are having a HUGE issue with our reply emails going to customers spam! If you don’t see a reply from us, please check your spam folder

We are closed on Sunday and Monday. Fridays and Saturdays are days that we may be giving our full attention to cakes, and are not able to respond to emails. Please know that this means that when we are making your cake, we will be devoting our full attention to your order. Unfortunately, while we try not to have this happen,  this may mean that an email sent after closing Thursday PM will not be responded to until Tuesday.

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