Special Diet Information

While we want everyone to be able to enjoy a cake from Hippie Chick Bakery, it may not be appropriate for everyone.

We truly enjoy making cakes for people who have never been able to have a bakery cake before due to their diet. We take every conceivable precaution to avoid cross contamination, but since some potential allergen products are used on the premises, the chance of it is always a possibility. Any item made in our facility may contain traces of potential allergens including, but not limited to: Wheat, Gluten, Egg, Milk, Casein, Soy, Corn, and others. If the possible presence of trace amounts of an allergen is something that would make someone consuming our product sick, we understand, and respectfully feel that your needs are not something we can accommodate.

When you order your items, please make sure that the order is exactly as you need. I am more than happy to repeat orders back and answer any questions at any time, but in the end if you do not specify and clarify your needs I am not going to be able to produce the requirements you need. Regardless of how many previous orders you may have had, or if we have talked or emailed, please repeat any and all requirements every time you place an order, and for each item in that order.

We are a nut free facility, and do not bake anything on the premises with tree nut or peanut ingredients, (such as butters, oils, flours, or extracts)

As is the case with any store, restaurant or food service, any ingredients we buy from our suppliers may have possibly been in contact with nut products, stored near nut products, or transported by vehicles that may have also contained nut products.

We are a latex free facility, but we can not guarantee that manufacturers of ingredients we use did not use latex while processing, or that ingredients may not have come into contact with latex, been stored next to items that may have come into contact with latex, or transported by vehicles that may have contained latex products.

By purchasing our products, you waive the right to hold Hippie Chick Bakery responsible for any injury or reaction that may result from the consumption of these products. Notification of any allergies is requested and encouraged, but does not hold Hippie Chick Bakery to any standard of possible contamination higher than those mentioned here.

We strongly encourage you to bring any questions or concerns to our attention by using the contact form

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